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Carry On My Wayward Son
Carry On My Wayward Son
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Zap2it - Jensen VS Misha Empty Zap2it - Jensen VS Misha

le Jeu 26 Mar - 0:24
This is it! After weeks of fighting it out, the Zap2it Social Media Showdown has come down to one final round to determine the true ruler of the internet.

Millions of votes have been cast throughout the showdown, leading to one last battle between reigning Social Media Showdown champion and King of Twitter Misha Collins and King of Facebook Jensen Ackles. Who would have thought it would have ended up with two "Supernatural" stars going for the gold?

While "The Vampire Diaries" star Ian Somerhalder didn't pose much of a threat to Collins in the final four, it was Jensen Ackles vs. Felicia Day that became the poll to watch as fans from both sides voted to their hearts' content for their heroes. Though it was a relatively even throughout the round, it couldn't be denied in the end, even with over 1 million votes total, that the victor of that bout was Jensen.

Now, for the final time, vote for your favorite social media titan -- it's winner take all!

   You're welcome to vote for your favorite stars more than once -- but be aware! You may be put into a temporary "time out" if you go crazy with the polling app. We have no control over the time-outs! Just go get a cup of water and relax for a while, and then come back!
   We've also decided to leave voting percentages on in this round and add captcha. Please note: Cheating is why we can't have nice things. If the captcha appears small on your screen, zoom in on your browser. We DO NOT control what is chosen for those images!
   Please be aware that BOTH sides are voting like crazy, so while individual votes ARE being counted, percentages won't move drastically with your votes! Thousands of people are voting at the same time!

Voting in this round will end at 9pm ET/6pm PT on Monday, March 30th.

La flemme de tout traduire .. Zap2it - Jensen VS Misha 604629
Mais en gros Misha et Jensen sont en finale l'un contre l'autre pour Zap2it afin d'élire le "vrai maître d'internet"...
On peut voter plusieurs fois par jour à cette adresse :

>>>>>>> VOTEZ <<<<<<<

Fin des votes : lundi 30 mars 2015

*** Pour l'instant, égalité parfaite.
****** Perso j'ai voté Jensen, pour l'encourager à poster davantage, héhé.

Zap2it - Jensen VS Misha 65640302imagesiacomqzbrlarge Zap2it - Jensen VS Misha 52520604imagesiacomqzbslarge Zap2it - Jensen VS Misha 43190405imagesiacomqzbtlarge Zap2it - Jensen VS Misha 84075703imagesiacomqzbplarge
So that's where we are, on the road so far... Saving people, hunting things, the family business back in swing.

Zap2it - Jensen VS Misha Empty Re: Zap2it - Jensen VS Misha

le Jeu 26 Mar - 5:36
J'ai voté Misha Zap2it - Jensen VS Misha 56143 Zap2it - Jensen VS Misha Rolleyes
Pour le moment, les votes sont de :

Misha : 49.63%
Jensen : 50.37%
Only Mediocrity
Escapes Criticism
Only Mediocrity Escapes Criticism
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Zap2it - Jensen VS Misha Empty Re: Zap2it - Jensen VS Misha

le Jeu 26 Mar - 8:07
Si c'est seulement sur le critère des réseaux sociaux, alors c'est Misha qui doit l'emporter.
Le Colt
Le Colt
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Zap2it - Jensen VS Misha Empty Re: Zap2it - Jensen VS Misha

le Jeu 26 Mar - 10:24
J'ai voté Jensen, pareil que Luna: pour encourager Jensen à poster plus! ^_^v
Cass-couilles et fière de l'être
Cass-couilles et fière de l'être
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Zap2it - Jensen VS Misha Empty Re: Zap2it - Jensen VS Misha

le Jeu 26 Mar - 13:43
je vote pour Misha, Jensen ne partage pas encore assez sur twitter pour etre vainqueur
il est en final, c'est deja une "recompense" en soi

ils sont a 50/50
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